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The DATA Program

       Mission Statement: Creating career opportunities by introducing students to the new age of software and technology through educational exposure and practical application for long-term skill development. The purpose of Digital Art Technology Academy’s (D.A.T.A.) programs is to improve the long-term labor market prospects and career paths for youths. D.A.T.A. stands by providing a friendly environment and is committed to the creative learning process while equipping students with a skill set that is in high demand.

Course Descriptions

Competitive Video Gaming and Development
Video Game Development courses are taught by native pros which provide hands-on training in developing various media. Some topics that will be covered will included an introduction to game programming, level design, fundamental production, basic terminology of game design and some post-production techniques. Students will learn techniques for effectively generating novel game ideas while analyzing and improving existing game implementations. Students will be shown how to develop their own games from scratch and will have an opportunity to download the game to their smart phone or iPad once created. There will be an option to compete in one-on-one gaming, explore free play, or participate in tournaments and/or leagues.

Graphic Design
This course will lay a foundation for supplemental training using both practical and theoretical aspects of graphic design. This introductory course will cover different aspects of art and design while including drawing, color, 3D graphics, and digital illustration which will help develop the students’ electronic illustration skills. We will touch on various aspects of special effects, video editing and sound editing. The students will be using the program Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to allow them to become familiar in tackling the course projects of: constructing video game backgrounds, creating game characters, designing clothes and others.

Video and Movie Production
This course will give students the basic principles, procedures and techniques in video and movie production. The course includes video control, special effects, operation of cameras and editing machines, composition, lighting, staging, directing, on-camera announcing and interviewing. Projects will be given for pre- and post-production stages as well as training for electronic news gathering.

Audio Production
Students will be introduced to the basics of audio signal chains, loudspeakers, mixers, DJ equipment, engineering software, audio recording, sound design, concepts of mixing and mastering, beat production, sampling, digital audio workstations, and much more while learning both the fundamentals of music and the music industry. Upon completion the students should be able to deliver and manage a full music production of their creation. Projects will include creating background music for videos and video games.

Web Design
Students will learn how to use wordpress to design their own web pages with basic coverage on wordpress tags, image maps, tables, frames, forms, and multimedia elements being introduced. This course will allow students to have fun designing pages using  template-based web programs while learning how to create professional up to date websites that are both aesthetically appealing and user friendly. In this course we will explore interactive design techniques using Flash in the creation of interactive websites. Projects include students working with actual professionals, proposing and developing websites for independent entrepreneurs, businesses and various organizations within the community.

Software Programming (Flash Techniques)
This course will emphasize flash techniques which introduces the fundamentals of computer animation for delivery on both multimedia and web platforms. Students will create and execute animated sequences using vector graphics, animation sequencer, frames and timelines, and layered animation.

This course is designed to inspire and engage students in the fundamental aspects of an entrepreneurial mindset and the unlimited opportunities it can provide to the job market. Students will learn an entrepreneur’s approach to life including business creation and development, leadership, their approach to innovation, creativity, and their knowledge and skills necessary to create value and competition. Students will be able to recognize and evaluate entrepreneurial opportunities while putting together strategic plans of action for implementation. At the end of the course the students will develop a business model for one of the opportunities they create and analyze how the model will apply to all business endeavors while defeating competitors.


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Career Fields

 Video Game Development

Graphic Designer

 Movie Production

Audio Production

Web Design

Software Programmer




Live Event/ Entertainment/Sports, Motion Picture/Film/editing,


Pro Audio

Web Applications Developer

Web Administrator

Design Engineer

Web Designer